Universiteit Utrecht

Department of Mathematics

Public Transport to the Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University

This is how you get to the Mathematical Institute:
  1. Take the train to Utrecht (Central Station).
  2. Change to bus 11 (destination ``Uithof''), travelling time is about 20 minutes.
  3. Descend at stop ``Botanische Tuinen''
  4. Cross the street and walk to the Minnaert building, when you are in front of the Minnaert building, go right and then left.
  5. Go straight ahead, the Mathematical institute is the last building on the left.
See also the map.

Alternatively, you can take bus 12 (travelling time about 15 minutes), and descend at stop "Kruytgebouw".

You can also consult the Dutch public transport information (in Dutch) or Dutch railways site (both in English and in Dutch).


Mathematical Institute
Budapestlaan 6
3584 CD Utrecht
The Netherlands

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