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The Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Utrecht is formed by two institutes. The Mathematical Institute, which you are presently visiting, and the Freudenthal Institute, which is the research group of mathematics education.

The Mathematical Institute employs about 25 tenured staff, about 25 PhD students and 10 Post doctoral researchers. There are 150 undergraduate (bachelor) students and 80 students who follow mathematics courses at graduate (master) level.

Chairman of the Department of Mathematics is Prof.dr. O. Diekmann. The board of the Mathematical Institute is formed by Prof.dr. O. Diekmann (chair), Prof.dr. J.P. Hogendijk (education), Ir. W.D. Schram (management) and Mrs. M.A. Vink (student member) .

The Mathematical Institute takes part in the Dutch Research school MRI (Mathematics Research Institute) together with the universities of Groningen , Nijmegen and Twente.

Some important telephone numbers and email-adresses:

Secretarial Office Mrs. Helga Hoiting +31-(0)30-2531430 H.B.Hoiting 'at' uu.nl
Educational Affairs
(both Graduate and Undergraduate)
Dr. Thijs Ruijgrok +31-(0)30-2531525 M.Ruijgrok 'at' uu.nl
Publicity Drs. Robert Kerst +31-(0)30-2531422 voorlichter 'at' math.uu.nl
Library     mi 'at' library.uu.nl

The telefax number of our Institute is: +31-(0)30-2518394

Ria van Vlimmeren <M.F.J.vanVlimmeren 'at' uu.nl>

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