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Master's programmes

General Description

The Mathematics Department of Utrecht University ranks among the best in The Netherlands and its international reputation is considerable. Virtually every core area of mathematics is strongly represented in the Department. As a consequence, the Department offers graduate teaching of excellent quality: students have a choice to specialise in one of the many fields of research or to obtain a broad education in mathematics.

The Department offers the following three Master's programmes:

Among the many International Master's Programmes offered at Utrecht University, the Programme Mathematical Sciences has been singled out by the Board of the University as one of the Utrecht Prestige Masters.

Mastermath and MRI

Under the name of Mastermath (Dutch Master Program in Mathematics) a number of courses is offered in cooperation with other universities in the Netherlands. Furthermore, various courses are organised within the scope of the MRI (Mathematical Research Institute), a research school in which several mathematics departments in The Netherlands cooperate.

Summer School

To become acquainted with the atmosphere in Utrecht we invite you to participate in the Summer School in Mathematical Sciences targeted at advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students.

Utrecht University

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