Seminars & Colloquia

Our group has several seminars and colloquia:

  • Friday seminars: Each friday there will be several seminars and talks organized by the topology group. This includes a seminar on Quillen model categories using the book by Hovey, organized by Ieke Moerdijk, and a seminar on Exterior Differential Systems and related stuff using the book Bryant et al., organized by Marius Crainic.
    We will have an extra-talk given either by visitors or by any of us who have something interesting to say about ongoing research.
    The schedule for each Friday is:
    11:15- 12:15: talk on Exterior Differential Systems.
    12:30- 13:30: lunch.
    13:30- 14:30: talk on Quillen model categories and (infty,1)-categories.
    15:00- 16:00: visitor talk.
    17:30- ?: move on for drinks or dinner.
    There will be no seminar on Friday the 9th on October. The usual location is WISK 611, but Friday the 23rd of October the seminar will be in AW008 (the Earth Sciences building).

Past seminars and colloquia

Other seminars and colloquia

There is the general staff colloquium of the Mathematics Department at Universiteit Utrecht. In addition, look at GQT events.