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From Schiphol Airport to Utrecht

The best way to travel from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht is by train. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office or vending machines at Schiphol station. Please be advised that, in the Netherlands, return tickets are valid for one day only. Trains to Utrecht run on two routes:
  • The 'Hilversum, Utrecht Centraal (Central Station)' trains run twice hourly. Although you do not need to change at Duivendrecht, it takes over an hour to arrive in Utrecht. You are not advised to take these trains.
  • On all other eastward-bound trains, you must change at Duivendrecht to any inter-city bound for Nijmegen, Maastricht or Eindhoven. Utrecht Centraal is the first stop. The entire trip lasts about 40 minutes
At Utrecht Centraal there are local and regional buses, as well as taxis, to take you to your final destination. 80010, NL-3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands,      telephone +31 30 253 1430, fax +31 30 251 8394,      e-mail:
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