The colloquium takes place on Thursdays from 15:30 to 16:30, in room 611 of the Wiskunde building (campus De Uithof) Budapestlaan 6, Utrecht. The lecture is preceded by coffee, tea, and cookies from 15.00 to 15.30, in the same room. Guidelines for speakers.
Upcoming colloquium.
General Mathematical Colloquium
September 2008

18 September ---Sergey Shadrin (UvA)--- Cohomological field theory
----- followed by a borrel in the occasion of the departure of Pet.
25 September ---Harold Edwards (NYU)--- What is an elliptic curve? -----
October 2008
2 October ---Jan Bouwe van den Berg (VU)--- Braids in dynamical systems
9 October ---Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden)--- Standard models for finite fields
16 October No colloquium
23 October ---Anthony Licata (Stanford)--- Symplectic Duality for Hypertoric Varieties
30 October --Alex Boer (UU)-- A unitary structure for the graded Segal-Sugawara representation
November 2008
6 November ---Anatoly Vershik (St. Petersburg)--- Integration in infinite dimensional spaces: new posibilities
13 November ---Jan van Neerven (TU Delft)--- Stochastic evolution equations in Banach spaces
20 November ---Marco Mackaay (Univ. do Algarve)--- Link homologies
27 November ---Camilo Arias Abad (UU)--- Tensor products of representations up to homotopy, and cohomology of classifying spaces
December 2008
4 December--- Sinterklaas party from 14:30 to 15:50 in the library.
------------ ---Dylan Thurston (Columbia)--- Combinatorial link Floer Holomology
11 December---Monna Lecture :
Toshiyuki Kobayashi (Tokyo)
---Global Geometry of Locally Symmetric Spaces - beyond the Riemannian case---

room 211 of the Minnaert building, from 15:30 to 17:15, followed by a reception

January 2009
15 January No colloquium
22 January ---Antoine Touze (Nantes)--- Cohomological finite generation for reductive groups (2 × 45 min.)
29 January ---Vasily Golyshev (Moscow)--- Gamma-structures: interpolating integral structures

February 2009
5 February ---Niko Naumann (Bonn)--- Dense arithmetic subgroups
12 February ---Alex Quintero Velez (UU)--- D-brane categories
19 February ---Jorge Plazas (UU)--- Real multiplication, noncommutative tori, and related structures
26 February ---Tilman Bauer (VU)--- Finite loop spaces
March 2009
5 March ---Augusto Ponce (Louvain-la-Neuve)--- Density of Sobolev mappings between manifolds
12 March ---Quintijn Puite (TUE / Hogeschool Utrecht)--- The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) ---(link1,  link2,  link3)
19 March ---Ed Segal (Imperial College)--- B-branes in Landau-Ginzburg models
26 March ---Jason Lotay (Oxford)\ --- Submanifolds and G2 Geometry
April 2009
2 April ---Marius Crainic (UU)--- Recent results in Poisson geometry
9 April ---Bas Edixhoven (Leiden)--- Algebraic geometry and complexity bounds in computational number theory (2 × 45 min.)
16 April ---Jakub Byszewski (UU)--- Dévissage for local deformation functors
23 April ---Yoad Winter (UU, Linguistics)--- Characterization of scope dominance with generalized quantifiers
30 April No colloquium
May 2009
7 May ---Christopher Deninger (Münster)--- Mahler measures and Fuglede-Kadison determinants
14 May ---Aad van der Vaart (VU)--- Bayesian curve estimation using Gaussian process priors
21 May No colloquium
28 May ---Stefan Vandoren (UU, physics)--- Quaternion-Kähler geometry and String Theory
June 2009
4 June ---Arthur van Dam (UU)--- Go with the Flow. Moving meshes and solution monitoring for compressible flow simulation.
11 June ---Tammo Jan Dijkema (UU)--- Adaptive tensor product wavelet methods for solving PDEs---(followed by an Institute Barbecue)
18 June ---Subhashis Ghoshal (N Carolina State University)--- Combining forward selection and shrinkage techniques for variable selection in high dimensional models
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