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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Applications of non-locality to mathematics and algebraic complexity.

Harry Buhrman (CWI)

Abstract: We will discuss the surprising link between quantum information and foundational physics questions on the one hand and mathematics and computer science in the other. We will show how the interplay of foundational questions in entanglement and non-locality give rise to approximation algorithms, solve a 35 year old problem in Banach operator theory and shed some light on the complexity of classical algorithms for matrix multiplication.

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Location :  Room 611 of the Hans Freudenthal building, formerly known as the Wiskunde/Maths building, (campus De Uithof) Budapestlaan 6, Utrecht.
Date and time : Thursday, September 18, 2014 15:30-16:30. The lecture is preceded by coffee, tea, and cookies from 15.00 to 15.30 hour in the same room.