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Stochastics and Optimization Group

The Stochastics and Optimization Group of the Department of Mathematics of Utrecht University consists of:

The stochastics group at Utrecht University together with The University of Amsterdam and the Free University collectively offer the MASTERS IN STOCHASTICS AND FINANCIAL MATHEMATICS

People who left our group

Charlene Kalle


Erik Baurdoux

Lecturer in Statistics at the London School of Economics  

Yuri Yakubovich


Budhi Arta Surya

Has a position at the Bank of America in Singapore  

Richard Gill

Professor at Leiden University  

Zbigniew Palmowski

Has a position at the University of Wroclaw  

Madalin Guta

Lecturer in the Division of Applied Mathematics at the University of Nottingham  

Peter David Andrew


Luis Artiles-Martinez

Has a position as postdoc at EURANDOM  

Manuel Ballester Sanchez Has a postdoc position at CWI
Lorna Booth Accepted a position as assistant statistician for the British Government  
Remco van der Hofstad

Professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven r.w.v.d.hofstad@tue.nl 

Andreas Kyprianou Has a position as full professor at the University of Bath
Grzegorz Krupa

Has a position at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland gkrupa@kul.lublin.pl 

Boris Levit Accepted a tenure position as senior statistician at a Queens University in Kingston, Canada   blevit@mast.queensu.ca 
Ronald Meester Accepted a position as full professor at the Free University of Amsterdam  rmeester@cs.vu.nl 
Karin Oudshoorn
Biostatistician at Roessingh Res. & Dev. in Enschede kgroothuis@rrd.nl
Martijn Pistorius Has a position as Reader in financial mathematics at Imperial College London  
Corrie Quant Worked as statistician at RIVM till July 2003 and accepted (from July 2003 on) a position as post-doc at the Free University of Amsterdam. quant@few.vu.nl

Damien White


Erik van Zwet Worked as post-doc in California. He now has a position at the University of Leiden evanzwet@math.leidenuniv.nl  

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