Research Programme of the MRI

The research programme of the Mathematical Research Institute focuses on the fundamental aspects of mathematics, as well as on interactions with its applications. The MRI is strongly represented in the following fields (the links provide access to a list of senior researchers in the MRI within each area):
  • Algebra and Geometry, including topology, theory of numbers and interfaces with logic and discrete mathematics.
  • Analysis, comprised of pure analysis, applied analysis and numerical mathematics
  • Stochastics/OR, comprising statistics, probability and operations research
  • History and Education.
There is also a combined alphabetical list of senior staff of the MRI.

Research activities of MRI

The MRI acts as a sponsor for several conferences and workshops that are organised in the Netherlands. Some research activities are related to the Master Classes and Spring Schools of the MRI.

Publications MRI

For publications by researchers from the MRI you will have to consult their personal pages. Here we provide links to the pages listing the technical reports of the participating departments:



Other research schools in mathematics

The MRI is one of three national research schools in mathematics in the Netherlands. The others are:
  • EIDMA, the Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
  • Stieltjes, the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics.

The MRI participates in the European research institute EURANDOM.

Last updated: September 2003