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S. Fatimah
Bifurcations in dynamical systems with parametric excitation.
Utrecht University, November 27, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. F. Verhulst , co-promotor: Dr. M. Ruijgrok
Th. Tuwankotta
Higher-order resonances in dynamical sytems.
Utrecht University, November 25, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. F. Verhulst
S. Zwegers
Mock theta functions.
Utrecht University, October 30, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. D.B. Zagier , co-promotor: Dr. R.W. Bruggeman
R. Lindenbergh
Limits of Voronoi Diagrams.
Utrecht University, October 10, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. D. Siersma, co-promotor: Dr. W.L.J. van der Kallen
L. Booth
Random Spacial Structures and Sums.
Utrecht University, June 13, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. R. Meester
L. van Veen
Time scale interaction in low-order climate models.
Utrecht University, June 10, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. F. Verhulst , co-promotor: Prof.dr. J.D. Opsteegh
M. van Bossum
Semidefinite optimization, a spectral approach.
Utrecht University, June 5, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst, co-promotor: Dr. G.L.G. Sleijpen
C. Quant
On the construction and stationary distributions of some spatial queuing and particle systems.
Utrecht University, February 6, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. R. Meester
H.A. van der Waall
Lamé Equations with Finite Monodromy.
Utrecht University, January 16, 2002
Promotor: Prof.dr. F. Beukers


L.M. Artiles Martínez
Adaptive Minimax Estimation in Classes of Smooth Functions.
Utrecht University, December 3, 2001
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.D. Gill, co-promotor: Prof.dr. B.Y. Levit
W. Bomhof
Iterative and parallel methods for linear systems.
Utrecht University, May 23, 2001
Promotor: Prof. Dr. H.A. van der Vorst
G.-W.Q. Puite
Sequents and Link Graphs: Contraction criteria for refinements of multiplicative linear logic.
Utrecht University, January 26, 2001
Promotor: Prof. Dr. I. Moerdijk, co-promotor: Dr. H.A.J.M. Schellinx


C.C. Stolk
On the modeling and inversion of seismic data.
Utrecht University, December 11, 2000
Promotor: Prof. Dr. J.J. Duistermaat, co-promotor: Dr. Dr. A.P E ten Kroode
T. Dokshitzer
Deformations of p-divisible groups and p-descent on elliptic curves.
Utrecht University, September 14, 2000
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Oort, co-promotor: dr. J.G. Top
F. Andreatta
Boundary properties of the Torelli locus.
Utrecht University, June 16, 2000
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Oort
G.M. Hek
Bifurcations of homoclinic orbits in singularly perturbed flows.
Utrecht University, May 31, 2000
Promotor: prof.dr. A. Doelman and prof.dr. O. Diekmann
M. Crainic
Cyclic cohomology and characteristic classes for foliations.
Utrecht University, April 3, 2000
Promotor: prof.dr. I. Moerdijk
M. Alves de Inda
Constructing Parallel Algorithms for Discrete Transforms: From FFTs to Fast Legendre Transforms.
Utrecht University, March 29, 2000
Promotor: Prof. Dr. H.A. van der Vorst, co-promotor: Dr. R.H. Bisseling
C.J. van Enckevort
Mirror symmetry and T-duality. Equivalence of brane categories.
Utrecht University, January 17, 2000
Promotor: prof.dr. E.J.N. Looijenga, co-promotor: dr. J. Stienstra


M. Voorneveld
Potential Games and Interactive Decisions with Multiple Criteria.
Utrecht University, December 21, 1999
Promotor: Prof. Dr. S.H. Tijs, co-promotor: Dr. P.E.M. Borm
A. de Boo
Solving GKZ-hypergeometric systems using relative Stanley-Reisner ideals.
Utrecht University, November 29, 1999
Promotor: prof.dr. E.J.N. Looijenga, co-promotor: dr. J. Stienstra
N.R. Bruin
Chabauty methods and covering techniques applied to generalised Fermat equations.
Utrecht University, October 6, 1999
Promotor: prof.dr. R. Tijdeman, co-promotor: dr. F. Beukers
D.G. White
Percolation through fractals, backbends and dynamic lily ponds.
Utrecht University, September 20, 1999
Promotor: Prof. Dr. R. Meester en Prof. Dr. M.S. Keane
E. van Zwet
Likelihood devices in spatial statistics.
Utrecht University, September 3, 1999
Promotor: Prof. Dr. R.D. Gill
G. Carnovale
Algebraic and Analytic aspects of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation.
Utrecht University, June 14, 1999
Promotor: prof.dr. E.J.N. Looijenga, co-promotor: dr. T.H. Koornwinder
D.E. Hesseling
Gnomes in the fog.
Utrecht University, February 19, 1999
Promotores: Prof. Dr. D. van Dalen, Prof. Dr. H.A. van der Vorst
M.J.H. Kool
Die conste vanden getale: Een studie over Nederlandstalige rekenboeken uit de vijftiende en zestiende eeuw, met een glossarium van rekenkundige termen.
Utrecht University, February 9, 1999
Promotores: Prof. Dr. H.J.M. Bos, Prof.dr. W. P. Gerritsen & Prof.dr. R. Jansen-Sieben


G.E. Krupa
Limit theorems for random sets.
Utrecht University, November 2, 1998
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.D. Gill, co-promotor: E.J. Balder
M. Boggi
Compactifications of moduli spaces of curves.
Utrecht University, November 2, 1998
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.J.N. Looijenga
V. Rottschäfer
Co-dimension 2 phenomena in pattern formation.
Utrecht University, October 14, 1998
Promotor: Dr. A. Doelman
M.V. Ruzhansky
Singular fibrations with affine fibers, with applications.
Utrecht University, June 15, 1998
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.J. Duistermaat
Y. Nishiyama
Entropy methods for martingales.
Utrecht University, May 25, 1998
Promotor: Prof.. R.D. Gill
G. Jiang
Functions with non-isolated singularities on singular spaces.
Utrecht University, February 16, 1998
Promotor: Prof.dr. D. Siersma
I.I. Bouw
Tame covers of curves: p-rangen and fundamental groups.
Utrecht University, February 12, 1998
Promotor: Prof.dr. F. Oort, co-promotor: Dr. B.Ya. Levit


J.B.M. Melissen
Packing and Covering with Circles.
Utrecht University, December 3, 1997
Promotores: Prof. Dr. D. Siersma, Prof. Dr. J. van de Craats
A.V. Shepeleva
On pattern formation through instabilities and bifurcations.
Utrecht University, November 10, 1997
Promotor: Prof. Dr. ir. W. Eckhaus, co-promotor: Prof. Dr. A. van Harten
H.M. Schuttelaars
Evolution and stability analysis of bottom patterns in a tidal embayme.
Utrecht University, November 3, 1997
Promotores: Prof. Dr. A. van Harten, Prof. Dr. W.P.M. de Ruyter, co-promotor: Dr. A. Doelman, Dr. H.E. de Swart
E.A. Cator
Two topics in infinite dimensional analysis.
Utrecht University, October 13, 1997
Promotor: Prof. Dr. J.J. Duistermaat, co-promotor: Dr. E. Thomas, Dr. I. Netuka
R.H. Kaenders
On DeRham homotopy theory for plane algebraic curves and their singularities.
Utrecht University, October 2, 1997
Promotor: J.H.M. Steenbruik
M.J. Pikaart
Moduli spaces of curves stable cohomology and galois covers.
Utrecht University, September 1, 1997
Promotor: Prof. Dr. E.J.N. Looijenga, co-promotor: Prof. Dr. Oort
E.N. Belitser
Minimax Estimation in Regression and Random Censorship Models.
Utrecht University, June 17, 1997
Promotor: Prof. Dr. R.D. Gill, co-promotor: Dr. B.Ya. Levit
R.W. van der Hofstad
One-dimension random polymers.
Utrecht University, June 16, 1997
Promotores: Prof. Dr. R.D. Gill, Prof. Dr. F. den Hollander
R. Huveneers
Slow evolution towards symmetry.
Utrecht University, May 26, 1997
Promotor: Prof. Dr. F. Verhulst
C.M.A. Schipper
Sharp Asymptotics in Nonparametric Estimation.
Utrecht University, January 15, 1997
Promotor: Prof. Dr. R.D. Gill, co-promotor: Dr. B.Ya. Levit


C.H.E. Butz
Logical and cohomological aspects of the space of points of a topos.
Utrecht University, November 25, 1996
Promotor: prof.dr. I. Moerdijk
C.G.M. Oudshoorn
Optimality and adaptivity in nonparametric regression.
Utrecht University, November 7, 1996
Promotor: prof.dr. R.D. Gill, co-promotor: dr. B.Ya. Levit
D.R. Fokkema
Subspace methods for linear, nonlinear, and eigen problems.
Utrecht University, October 29, 1996
Promotor: prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst, co-promotor: dr. G.L.G. Sleijpen
J. Mrcun
Stability and invariants of Hilsum-Skandalis maps.
Utrecht University, June 10, 1996
Promotor: prof.dr. D. Siersma, co-promotor: dr. I. Moerdijk
P.A.A.J. Bollerman
On the theory of validity of amplitude equations.
Utrecht University, April 12, 1996
Promotores: W. Eckhaus, prof.dr. A. van Harten
O. Berndt
Semidirect products and commutative banach algebras.
Utrecht University, January 15, 1996
Promotor: prof.dr. E.G.F. Thomas, co-promotor: dr. J.D. Stegeman


R.M.J. Schielen
Nonlinear Stability Analysis and Pattern formation in Morphological Models.
Utrecht University, November 20, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. W. Eckhaus, co-promotor: dr. A. Doelman
P.J.L.M. Leyten
Complexes of local cohomology modules.
Utrecht University, October 23, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. J.R. Strooker
S.E. Crans
On combinatorial models for higher dimensional homotopies.
Utrecht University, October 16, 1995
Promotores: prof.dr. D. van Dalen, prof.dr. D. Siersma, co-promotor: dr. I. Moerdijk
J. Hermans
Rolling rigid bodies with and without symmetries.
Utrecht University, October 9, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. J.J. Duistermaat
D.A. Pronk
Groupoid Representations for Sheaves on Orbifolds.
Utrecht University, September 25, 1995
Promotores: prof.dr. D. van Dalen, prof.dr. D. Siersma, co-promotor: dr. I. Moerdijk
M. Ruijgrok
Studies in Parametric and Autoparametric resonance.
Utrecht University, September 13, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Verhulst
B.J.J. Moonen
Special points and linearity properties of Shimura varieties.
Utrecht University, September 5, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Oort, co-promotor: dr. A.J. de Jong
M.B. Hansen
Spatial statistics for network structures in processed milk.
Utrecht University, May 23, 1995
Promotor: prof. M. Rudemo, co-promotor: prof.dr. R.D. Gill
K.H. Tan
Local Coupling in domain decomposition.
Utrecht University, May 12, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst
D. Bitouzé
Estimation de fonctionelles d'une densit\'e \`a partir d'observations directes ou censure\'ees.
Utrecht University, January 24, 1995
Promotor: prof. P. Massart
B.J. Wijers
Nonparametric estimation for a windowed line-segment process.
Utrecht University, January 19, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. R.D. Gill
J.H. Brandts
Superconvergence Phenomena in Finite Element Methods.
Utrecht University, January 16, 1995
Promotor: prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst, co-promotor: dr. G.L.G. Sleijpen


G.H.M. van der Heijden
Nonlinear drillstring dynamics, a quest for the origin of chaotic vibrations.
Utrecht University, October 31, 1994
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Verhulst
D. Krammer
The conjugacy problem for Coxeter groups.
Utrecht University, October 10, 1994
Promotor: prof.dr. A.M. Cohen
E. de Sturler
Iterative Methods on Distributed Memory Computers.
Utrecht University, October 4, 1994
Promotores: prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst, P. Wesseling
M.B. van Gijzen
Iterative solution methods for linear equations in finite element computations.
Utrecht University, March 28, 1994
Promotor: prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst
P. van Beusekom
On nonlinear Dirichlet forms.
Utrecht University, March 14, 1994
Promotor: prof.dr. E.M.J. Bertin


M.J. van der Laan
Efficient and Inefficient Estimation in Semiparametric Models.
Utrecht University, December 13, 1993
Promotores: prof.dr. R.D. Gill, prof.dr. P.J. Bickel
A.J.M. Jacobs
Timespan minimisation for storm surge barrier control.
Utrecht University, November 30, 1993
Promotores: prof.dr. A. van Harten, prof.dr. A.W. Heemink
J.B. Kalkman
A BRST Model Applied to Symplectic Geometry.
Utrecht University, September 30, 1993
Promotor: prof.dr. J.J. Duistermaat, co-promotor: dr. P.J. Braam
B. van Dalen
Ancient and Mediaeval Astronomical Tables: mathematical structure and parameter values.
Utrecht University, September 20, 1993
Promotor: prof.dr. H.J.M. Bos, co-promotor: dr. J.P. Hogendijk
A. Zaharia
A study about singularities with non-isolated critical locus.
Utrecht University, June 8, 1993
Promotor: prof.dr. D. Siersma
R.P. Buitelaar
The method of averaging in Banach spaces: theory and applications.
Utrecht University, May 17, 1993
Promotores: prof.dr. W. Eckhaus, prof.dr. A. van Harten
E.J. Atzema
The Structure of Systems of Lines in 19th Century Geometrical Optics: Malus' Theorem and the Description of the Infinitely Thin Pencil .
Utrecht University, April 5, 1993
Promotor: prof.dr. H.J.M. Bos, co-promotor: dr. C.J.M. Hakfoort
H. van der Ven
Vector valued Poisson transforms on Riemannian symmetric spaces of rank one.
Utrecht University, March 1, 1993
Promotor: prof.dr. J.J. Duistermaat, co-promotor: dr. E.P. van den Ban
M.C.J. van Pul
Statistical Analysis of Software Reliability Models.
Utrecht University, February 24, 1993
Promotor: prof.dr. R.D. Gill, co-promotor: dr. K. Dzhaparidze
B. Braaksma
Critical phenomena in dynamical systems of van der Pol type.
Utrecht University, February 17, 1993
Promotores: prof.dr. W. Eckhaus, prof.dr. J. Grasman


R. de Jeu
Zagier's conjecture and wedge complexes in algebraic K-theory.
Utrecht University, December 18, 1992
Promotor: prof.dr. S. Bloch
F.V. Wainschtein
Filtering bases: a tool to computer cohomology of abstract subalgebras of the Witt algebra.
Utrecht University, December 9, 1992
Promotor: prof.dr. M. Hazewinkel
I. Hoveijn
Aspects of Resonance in Dynamical Systems.
Utrecht University, November 23, 1992
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Verhulst
M. Tibar
The Lefschetz Number of a Monodromy Transformation.
Utrecht University, September 21, 1992
Promotores: prof.dr. D. Siersma, prof.dr. H.J.M. Steenbrink
F.A. van Gool
Topics in non-linear potential theory.
Utrecht University, September 14, 1992
Promotor: prof.dr. E.M.J. Bertin
M.C.A. van Dijke
Iterative Methods in Image Reconstruction.
Utrecht University, May 14, 1992
Promotores: M.A. Viergever, prof.dr. H.A. van der Vorst
R.M.J. Noot
Hodge classes, Tate classes, and local moduli of abelian varieties.
Utrecht University, February 26, 1992
Promotor: prof.dr. F. Oort


R. Dekker
Wiskunde leren in kleine heterogene groepen.
Utrecht University, December 2, 1991
Promotores: prof.dr. F. van der Blij, prof.dr. P. Span, prof.dr. F. Goffree
R. Schrauwen
Series of singularities and their topology.
Utrecht University, October 11, 1991
Promotor: prof.dr. D. Siersma
A.B.J. Kuijlaars
Approximation of metric spaces with applications in potential theory.
Utrecht University, June 3, 1991
Promotor: prof.dr. E.M.J. Bertin
J. van Oosten
Exercises in realizability.
Utrecht University, March 5, 1991
Promotor: prof.dr A.S. Troelstra