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Master's Programme Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is the science of recognising and analysing structures, of finding patterns and relations and of making models and predictions. As such, it plays a crucial role in astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, computer science, engineering, economics, finances, cryptography, logistics, just to name a few. Many applications of mathematics have first matured as parts of, what is often called, `pure mathematics'. Constantly there are new developments in insights, results and techniques, also in pure mathematics.

This versatility in use of mathematics is reflected in the Master's Programme Mathematical Sciences. It offers students a rich spectrum of courses and a large amount of freedom to select these. While studying Mathematical Sciences one acquires a "way of thinking'' which can also be useful in a professional career in which mathematics itself plays no direct role (in management, consultancy or banking, for instance).

The Master's Programme Mathematical Sciences is targeted at students who have a background in Mathematics at a BSc-level. Students graduating from this programme are granted the academic title of Master of Science (MSc).

Graduates from the programme at Utrecht University easily find their way into PhD programmes in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Some graduates may continue with a PhD in Utrecht. A PhD position in The Netherlands is typically fully funded for a duration of up to 4 years. Several graduates have entered PhD programmes outside of mathematics or started careers in the industry, consultancy firms, banks, IT companies or public institutions. Most mathematics graduates easily find a job, because mathematics plays such a vital role in many parts of our society.

For description of the Mathematical Sciences programme in more detail, see here.

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